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& just because you know she will wait [entries|friends|calendar]
rAchel ♥

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your all i need to get by

uhh, i still love him [23 Jul 2006|02:42am]
[ mood | depressed ]

well i havent used this thing in ever
but i think imma start using it again
ha, but anyways .. im going too tell you a lot
me and my boyfriend just brokeup about a week ago
and im telling you never let go of theone you love
you'll regret it like a bitch trust me i know .. <3

FrIdAy**, well i wokeup and talked on the phone
gary was on pass, and the rafal came and picked me up
then .. we got gas, and then we went too joeys
too pick up him and his girlfriend, and then we went too
the mall ..then we went too garys for a while:-/
&& then we went .. too gregs then too the rink
then we decided too go to oburger king then we all
chilled outside the rink for a bit then went inside..
uhhhhm ya dont wanna talk about it ..
then rafal took me sam and joey home:]
hahha then ya it was funnn

saturday i was with rafal na dmarcin and joey and sam allla day
we did a lot of shit we got fuckedddddddddddup:D
hahahaha <3

sunday, today .. i wokeupo
i met elysia at the mall ..
then we walked back to her house
chilled with her, jackie,joey,jamieson,gary
till about 5ish.. because he had too goback
uhhm yA IT SUCKS.
so then me jamieson joey left .. and leysia
and walked around then went too jamiesons..
with luca then we all came home

ya this wekend has beenterribke
i still love gary:[

1 ♥ your all i need to get by

[06 Feb 2006|12:56pm]
well i dont really remember what has beeen going on.
but yeah i'll talk about thursday.
i went too school it was gay as usual.
well after schoool i called peter to ask him somethiiiing.
he call's me back &&& tell's me garysssss back till 4.
i was happy and shitt.
soo gary calls and i talk too him
it was good ♥♥
and than i got ready & than went too the mall
met up with peter and rob and than yah.
friday i didnt go too school. & all.
so than i went too the mall went shopping than
came home took a shower ate got ready and than
rachel came picked me up we drove too,dollar store.
we went too her house till 7:45.
than we went too the rink &* than it was fun
alot of people are there.
ricky jamieson and all of us are allfriends now.
and yah of course my bestfriend was was there katie.
joeyyy everyone!! it was fun.
than i came home talked on the phone and that shit

SATURDAY_ i got my hair done.
and yah.

sunday i went too the mall
with brittany and rachel they left
so i hungout with steve phil amber.
than i walked home freezing.
didnt go too bed till like 12.
talked on the phone with joey and katieee.
aight bye.

love you gary.

your all i need to get by

[29 Jan 2006|12:07pm]
well yesterday i wokeup and got ready .
and than i walked too the mall met up with katie.
and we hungout for a while _ and it was funn.
and than we met up with peter and than she left around 7:30ish.
and that was about it ` & stuffff.
i left around 9ish.
and shit.
it was fun i guess.
i walked home.
and yah
i miss gary
and i loe him
with alla my heart

your all i need to get by

[27 Jan 2006|10:25pm]
[ mood | i hate being apart from you. ]

well today i ; went too school yah how gay .
first hour _ biolgoy did something weird.
2nd hour _ globial studies talked too jessica most of the time.
3rd hour _ gym . _ played basketball talked too danielle and brooke alot.
4th hour _ English i cant member i kinda forgot.
5th hour _ math took some test and a quiz.
6th hour _ business foundations typed alot.

and after schoool me and lauren walked too
wendy's ate than her dad picked us up went back too laurens for awhile
than i went home got ready and walked up too the mall met up with peter and rob.
and than we just walked around for awhile & shit .
and than that's about it.
and yah it was funn i guess left around 8:15ishh.
and here i am .
now pretty fucking bored.

gary _ i love you so much and miss ya like crazy.

your all i need to get by

[24 Jan 2006|09:42pm]
i love gary

your all i need to get by

[22 Jan 2006|02:10am]
[ mood | i love you babyyyy ]

well imma tell you my weekend so far.♥
Friday i wokeup and got ` ready for school .
than went too school and than we only had 5th and 6th hour.
we had midterms and shit *
Keyboarding - talked too kristy & al and kenny.
and than did our midterms and shit and alla that boring
stuff hmm. that was abot it.
Math - walked too class and shit .
and than just talked too andrea and took the midterm.
it was easy and shit but yeah.
and than thats it.
it was a half day so than my mom picked me up.
and than we went home and i went online .
and talked too people
than i called alexia & than we called joey .
and yah that was about it we talked for a few.
than elysia call's me and tell's me gary is in juvi for a yr.
ehh i miss you baby ♥
oh yah were going back out we worked EVERYTHING out.
so i did NOTHING AT ALL. last night how depressing.
cryed alot though how exicting ?!
and thats about it. ♥
saturday i wokeup and got ready
jessica picked me up we went too the mall
peter and rob called me they came up too the mall.
and than we chilled walked around and stuff for a while.
and than we left and walked too rob's house.
and than me and peter walked too peters' house and stuff for a mintue.
than we left and he walked me half way home and that's it.
and than i called alexia and walked home.
i guess it was fun?!?!
AND than i came on here talked on the phone with joey.
and than took a shower and did my hair and stuff.
cause i was bored and shit.
and ate chicken noodle soup alot.
and yah im just really depreessed.
tomorrow i might hangout with alexia i dont know yet.
well i guess update tomorrow or something.
gary i love you so much baby , and i miss so much already
let this yr go by fast please.
goodbye now .<3

your all i need to get by

[19 Jan 2006|05:32pm]
well havent updated ina long ass time.
so im going too well im going too start off with
JANUARY 13 . 2005
i come home from school call katie and .
decide too meet her at the mall
so i take a shower and get ready and walk too the mall.
and than meet rachel lawrence up there and than were in the food court.
and than we decide to go outside see gary peter and rob ♥
and than .. we go back in and than they come and sit by us .
than i see katie walk in , and than i go with her and we meet up with gary peter and rob.
and than we all chilled and me and gary decided to go back out and shit.
hmm pretty fun than katies mom picked us up and she took us back to my house.
and than .. we decide too leave my house at 1:45 in the moring and sneak out with our loves.
and shit and than thats it i was grounded not no more.
life is great i guess ?!?!?

and alot has been happening
oh we brokeup.
and tomorrow is the mall for me.
love you still **

your all i need to get by

[08 Jan 2006|04:01am]
well i havent updated in a long time .
so im going too update this thingy**
and whatever .. well yesterday i went too school
and than after i came home talked online.
and than got ready brittany picked me up
went too the rink it was alirght ?! i guess ..
than came home passed out around 1:30. yah whatever?!

saturday - well wokeup came online talked too kaity.
went too the mall around 4 with her.
met peter and gary up there?!
hmmm pretty funn whatevver.
i fucking hat elove.

your all i need to get by

[29 Dec 2005|08:50pm]
[ mood | come back too me? ]

well today .. i was sleeping and
i hear my phone vibrate ;; so i look at it
it says alexia & so i answer it ya Know.
AND we were talking and all ..
so than i took a shower & got ready .. and
than she picks me up and than i go too the mall
with her .. and than we met up with caley and verionca.
than we all walk around ..
than me caley walked around and whatever ..
and shopped.
than she left so than me .. and alexia walked around shopped ..
and whatever & than .. we left around 5:30
so hmm yah pretty funn day ; mhmm
saw - Brittany and Rachel Lawrece there -
mhm so pretty funn shit '
& yah thats about it..
than left around 5:45 =]

than tomorrow is friday
i think im going too the rink .
and thats gunna be the shit 8-)

your all i need to get by

[28 Dec 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | fuck what i said. ]

well havent updated this in along time ;
well friday i didnt end up going too the mall
or joey's so than i was going to go too the rink
but i didnt so i stayed home talked on the phone.
and than around 12:30 .. kaiti calls me and picks me up
with these 2 kids? .. and than we went to meijers . and than
we went too the gas station .. and than drove around
i got home around 2 .. hmm that was pretty funn =]

Saturday - woah i cant even member what i did on that day
i think i just sat home all day ;
it was christmas eve.
and talked on the phone and thats about it.
and than ..


i wokeup around 12:00 ish..
than took a shower and got ready ..
and than my uncle picked me up . & than
i went too my aunts and uncles ..
and than did all that christmas stuff.
and than open presents.
my sister and matt came too.
and than i went home around 9:00ish.
and called gary and talked too him on the phone.
and thats about it.
than talked too joey on the phone too.

Monday - i went too the mall ..
with brittany rachel lawrence. & joey ..
and than jamieson and aleixa caley and other people were there.
well me rachel and brittany all went shopping and stuff.
it was really funn actually.
than i left around 9ish ..
came home talked online and than on the phone
gary asked me back out so i said yeah of course
cause i loved him..
and than i talked too hiim ont he phone joey rachwel lawerence.
&& brittany and kat.

Tuesday -- i wokeup came on myspace and all ..
and read a comment gary left me yah he brokeup with me
which was some fucking bullshit.
but what the fuck ever i dont care
so i hungout till like 4:30.
and went too the mall with ashley..
and than it was funn
i saw taylar and chole.
and gary too .. and we got inna fight
but the fuck ever
came home chilled with ashley ..
and than talked on the phone and whatever..

wedensday - today ;; wokeup got ready & than went too the mall
with jessica .. & met some hott guys..
and walked around and shopped..
and than al picked us up and took me home..
than jessica yah pretty exicting..
talked on the phone and stuff.
now im just doing this ..

tomorrow im going too the mall .
with alexia & caley & zach and gary and all of tham
i think .. mhm
well thats it for now
ill update later?


your all i need to get by

[23 Dec 2005|01:45am]
[ mood | SO DONE ' ]

well today ; ;
i talked on the phone till about 4.
than i went out till like 7:30ish.
and i was walking home , and i was running and i flew on
ice ; and landed on my stomache , and it hurt so badley.
im bruised up on my stomache , hip & elbow.
and it was bleeding so i cryed ' and called joey '
and than my feet were numb ♥
and than i get home relax.
talk on the phone & go online ; hmm how fun is that.
yah i'm really bored right now
mhmkkk i guess that for now.
tomorrow i think i'm going over joeys;
with some people cuz were sweet=]
i love you still more than anything.

-- rachel x0

your all i need to get by

[22 Dec 2005|01:44pm]
[ mood | G00DBYE to Y0U ; PLAYA. ]

well yesterday i was suposed too go too the mall.
but it didnt really happened.
so i talked on the phone pretty much all day & night
with joey & other [ people ] mhm.
and than i ate and slept alot & alot of other things .
mhm , and i was online got in a really big fight
with dick ; gary=]
mhmk whatever i dont give one shit nomore hoes.
yah thani talked too my friend ramon.
& that was fun =]

than today , i wokeup cause joey
called me at 10 and woke me up cause he is stupid
but oh well & right now im online
and i'm very bored mhm.
well i might hangout with joey today.
so that should be fun=]
mhmkay yepp♥
well nothing else to say
update later.=]

i love you more than,ANYTHING.♥

2 ♥ your all i need to get by

[21 Dec 2005|12:53pm]
[ mood | come back too me baby please. ]

i made a new livejournal ;
my old one had too many good memories.
and i really dont wanna see that now '
time too move on in the future.
kay ♥

well i've been really busy i think i will use.
this now more often & im usually on myspace.
so you can add me on there.

hmm yah i think pretty much myspace has tooken
over livejoural ♥
but i'll start using this again .

well ill talk about wahts happened so far.
this week.

monday i didnt go too school & nothing much happened
that day jut chilled slept ate and thats about it
and than talked on the phone when ever
got home from school & stuff.

tuesday ♥ - i didnt go too school i wokeup.
& rachel lawrence stayed home too.
so i talked on the phone with her all day.
& than joey called me when he got home.
than i talked too him and came online .
and than talked on myspacee too =]
& than .. thats about it.
and than i went too the doctors.
than i came home called joey back .
and he wasnt home , so he called me back
talked on the phone with him & carla.
and than alexia called me so i 3wayed her in.
and than we called gary and talked too him for awhile.
=] and than thats about it and yah its fun
i went too bed around 2:00ish.

wedensday - did nothing at all =]

well thats it.
ill update this later.
ilove you more then words=]


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